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Reels for Hose & Cable

Find the best hose reels and cable reels you need for your company from American Reeling Devices, Inc., in Dayton, Nevada (near Reno). We have been a major supplier of heavy-duty reels for commercial, fire fighting and petroleum industries for more than 50 years.

Reels for Any Application

At American Reeling Devices, Inc., we manufacture high-quality hose and cable reels. Specializing in quality, dependability, and customer service, we provide reels for every application and are a leading manufacturer of custom reels in the United States.

Custom Reels for Hose and Cable

When you need a hose reel, come to us to make it for you. We build custom reels to your exact specifications as well as our standard catalog reels. There are a lot of variations for reels; the motor may be behind the reel, or you may want it on the left, right, or even below the reel. We do it all.

Fire Protection Reels

Many of our primary customers are tank truck manufacturers, both for water and fuel. We also make fire protection reels, for buildings or offshore drilling rigs. Oil fields and refineries use these hose reels in the event of a fire. 

Industries We Serve:

• Aircraft Fueling
• Auto Dealerships
• Carpet Cleaning (All Types)
• Liquefied Petroleum Gas
• Cranes
• Fire Protection
• Fueling Trucks
• General Manufacturing

• Hydraulics
• Mining
• Petroleum
• Pest Control

• Tank Trucks
• Water Trucks
• Service Stations
• Graffiti Cleaning


Contact us in Dayton, Nevada, to order reels for hose or cable. 800-354-7335